bah.binka (francaispinay) wrote in human_pride,

the workplace

i need some help

how would you go about telling people that you aren't straight...your gay...ive only told like 3 people @ my work...but my supervisor doesnt know...and sometimes when my girlfriend comes up there...i feel like an ass for even saying this...i refer to her as my friend...i dont kno whats wrong with me...its not that im not comfortable w/who i am and that i have a girlfriend...its the state of can get fired for your sexuality & you cant do anything about it [something to that affect].  tho my job isnt all that great...i dont want to lose it...but im not sayin im goin to give up being w/my girlfriend either. 

what do you think?  should you keep your personal life your personal what?  some opinions would help some.  THANKS!

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