bah.binka (francaispinay) wrote in human_pride,

pointers or something of that nature

hi friends...need help in the exercise dept...

my friend and i have decided to get a membership @ a local gym to workout on a regular basis.  after looking at the classes that they offer & times we figured out what classes we are goin to take together.  the only thing is...and i didnt think about it till she wants to take 2 classes...back to one right after the other.  1 is abs class and the other one is a pilates & yoga class.  i mentioned this to my girlfriend [who works out occasionally but has numerous fitness books @ home] as far as whether or not it is good.  she mentioned to me previously that a regular workout regime is at least 3 times a week.  i was thinkin about spacing my workouts out.  where i take atleast 1 different class a week or rotate them.  i wasn't sure if it was safe taking the class back to back...and now that ive thought about not sure i wanna do that...its not like they dont offer the ab class another time during the week...i think what it might conflict with her school schedule..but ill be dern if imma over work myself esp when im just starting.  if anyone could give greatly appreciate it. 
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